Spoiler Alert – Valérie Delville and the 24 hours of Zolder

September 28. 2017

Team Delville can easily be described as  rebels in disguise. We love lace, flowers, weddings, high heels, long dresses and getting emotional over tea cups.  But under this thick layer of “girlyness”  you can find some pertolheads as well. We have to admit we adore roaring motors, the smell of gasoline and the hint of danger that comes along with racing. This summer we had the unique opportunity to combine two of our passions. We were able to sponsor a car during the 24 hours race in Zolder.

Our name shined on the spoiler of the Saker of RBC race team, we couldn’t  have asked for a  better position. We had the most amazing 24 hours ever. We’ve spend time with the whole crew, looked after the pilots a little bit (we secretly fed them M&M’s) and had a little party on our own off course. Amazingly (not quit so amazingly if you take the amount of cava in consideration) we slept like babies in a big tour bus that was parked next to the circuit. Once the team survived the night the whole entourage got more and more anxious to make it till the finish.

There were some exciting moments and the car looked like it was made from duct tape near the end – but they made it! The finish turned out into an overwhelming emotional outburst, at least for us (and the sissy’s of the crew.)

It was an great experience for us personally and a great opportunity for Valérie Delville. And since dreaming never killed anyone – who knows, one day we’ll be driving our own all white race car.