For the love of drama

For the love of drama

The fabrics used for these three gowns have a dramatic feel to them. These women want to be real brides without looking like Disney princesses. They’re not afraid of some drama – that will become clear during the preparation of their wedding day. Without turning into a bridezilla they will direct this project with an iron fist and lots of love for perfection.


We adore Astrid. She is an easy-going optimistic who is moved big time by small gestures. She has a creative spirit and freedom is her most precious treasure. Problems she encounters will rarely be considered challenges. She loves to be kind of an outsider and is not afraid to tackle a tradition now and again. She refuses to impose her rules on anyone and so her quest for love wasn’t as smooth as lake Geneva. It takes a great man to handle this kind of blind faith. Although she might have been bruised, she never closed her heart. And so when the right one came knocking, she opened the door without hesitation.


Elisabeth is an eternal doubter, she takes second opinions to a whole new level. No need to mention the search for the perfect dress included a lot of “back-to-the-drawing-board” moments. Finally she ended up with a dress that suits her natural elegance and class, two of her companions. From the first moment she met the man who wanted to be hers, she experienced no doubt, no hesitation. For once she jumped without overthinking. She just knew this was the best decision she would ever make.


Victoria is the most traditional bride that can be found in Valérie Delville’s collection. She is a strong-willed women who knows exactly what she wants. Some might call her demanding, we prefer challenging. In order to meet her high standards we added some small beads on the tail, it gives the dress a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Their love grew slowly but surely and was reinforced by their common interest in living the good life. As they’ve experienced all the fun life has to offer together, they will acknowledge that without the other there would be no fun at all.