Dresscode: Bohosmartfuckingfaboulus

These three silhouettes a express our fascination with creating a look that requires the art of ‘Nonchalance’, a discipline not for the faint-hearted. The handmade crocheted details are made with love. These three brides, above all, want to stay true to themselves.


Lella loves long walks in autumn, maybe just to enjoy a hot chocolate with cream on top to compensate for the muscular exercise. She is the most caring person you will ever meet and she lets her happiness depend on the happiness of those she holds close to her heart. She is so easy to love Mr. Right could have appeared in many different disguises. Being a character in one of Valérie Delvilles’ fairy tales she was lucky enough to find the perfect soul, the one who made her feel at home. Lella is the one who is marrying her best friend. They will experience a pure and uncomplicated journey.


Theresa doesn’t like to make a big fuzz about anything. She is really down to earth and choses her battles wisely. The most important ingredients for her perfect day are the ones she loves. The day will be soaked in a laid-back atmosphere sprinkled with lots of love. They might even run a little late without even noticing it. But when their eyes meet for the first time that day, their world will stop for a split second, enough for both of them to realize this major jump is the right one to take. In future times some kisses might have a hint of bitterness, but they won’t care – they’ll kiss anyway.


Ethel is a hard nut to crack. She had to insure herself that getting married wouldn’t interfere with her declaration of independence, that she made on the day that she was born. Her choice to wear pants may be viewed as a final act of defiance before she abandons it completely. Once she lets her guard down she will forget why it was there in the first place. After their fabulous day she will start building a new fortress big enough for the two of them. With every stone he hands her, she comes to realize that he not only hands her the right building blocks, he also provides the strength to lay them down.