Lay it down in black and white Lay it down in black and white

Lay it down in black and white

Black is not an obvious choice when wedding dresses are involved. No matter how much we love the fragile white, we absolutely love the classy black that’s always on point. We combined the two colors, without creating a dress for Dracula’s bride. All three of them have a specific design that’s translated into a sophisticated, cute and charming outfit.


At first sight Rudi is a very traditional and elegant girl. Once you get to know her you’ll learn she is complicated in a sophisticated way. She loves exploring cities, modern art and architecture. Great exuberance is lost wasted on her, she will always choose top-end but unpretentious quality. The discrete black detail emphasizes her preference for sleek design while the big bow is a throwback to her childhood and the little girl she used to be. Their big day will be planned down to every detail and she will take the lead just because she knows he will be holding the map.


Alice is the cutest bride ever. She likes to think of herself as being one of the guys, but truth is those guys secretly all had a crush on her. Her sense of humor is her main weapon and is very well reflected in this dress. Her personality is very much like champagne, she is bubbly and she will leave you dazed and addicted. She got him hooked the first time they met and he instantly knew he needed her for the rest of his life. He knows she’s a bit of a handful but she’ll always be his favorite challenge.


Long hair, short hair, high heels, flip-flops, blonde, black, lobster, mac ‘n cheese, beach, woods; Billy likes it all. Her enthusiasm and passion for life are contagious and so she and her friends often end up doing things they would never have imagined. While planning her wedding day one of her main concerns became the entertainment of her guests. Her dress is a little bit of everything, all rolled into one. A rare species of princess, ready to skydive while singing a cheeky song. Her significant other is over the moon with his front row tickets for the spectacle she calls life.