Larger than wife

Dresscode: Larger than wife

Perhaps you felt it after that one glass too many. You can find it reading a book or a poem. It can strike you after a good conversation with a dear friend. Those rare moments in life when everything falls into place for a split second. You can’t name it, you can’t grasp  it. It’s a kind of a perfect dream that stays with you for a small period of time – just long enough to leave a lifelong impression. That’s what this collection is all about, dream dazed designs.


This dream takes us to an endless scenery of blue skies kissing a golden base, decorated with a touch of green. Jeanne is riding a beautiful wild mustang, leaning backwards, letting the sand run through her fingers. (May we remind you that it is a dream – so shut up, it is possible, just enjoy the ride). The power she feels within herself suddenly provides a whole army of fellow riders. She doesn’t really knows or sees them, she just feels their presence,  which gives her a power boost. Like a real Jeanne she will lead her troops to great victories. Jeanne will wake up, rightly believing she was born to make great things happen.


Forbidden love is the key word in Florine’s dream. She’s the only daughter and heir of a loving mother and a wealthy father. She lost her heart to this handsome boy with the most amazing green eyes. His tanned skin symbolises the giant difference between their worlds, the impossibility to be lovers, which releases the rebel inside of her. (This is starting to look a lot like a cheesy penny dreadful, but fuck it, that’s every girls guilty pleasure, let him have a six-pack please underneath his slightly transparent cotton shirt.) They meet at  dawn, he carries her up a mountain and they disappear into the thick mist towards their shining future. Florine will wake up, knowing she can only find true love if she follows her heart.


Morgan pushes her motorcycle to the limit, racing through the crowded streets of New York. Her driving skills are kind of supernatural. She clearly is on a  mission. Her partner in crime and lover is in big trouble and needs to be rescued. Why exactly he’s in trouble  remains kind of vague – but he didn’t hurt anyone in the process – ok moral knights ?  He jumps on her bike carrying a bag with an undefined content. The only thing she knows for sure is that this bag is their ticket to a golden future. Morgan will wake up knowing she and her significant other will achieve great things being a kind of crazy team.