One way ticket

Dresscode: One way ticket to the groom.

This collection is how we see the future bride.  A self-aware women for whom marriage wasn’t a natural consequence of reaching a certain age. It is a choice for eternal love with an equal partner. So hubbie don’t expect homemade cookies to wait for you when you get home. She wants to contribute equally to the partnership but she will  reserve the right to remain loud and pull out her “female card” whenever she feels like it. Less princess more power. Are you sure you can handle her?


Jackie is the one who always gets herself in a hilarious kind of trouble. She could be telling her BFF an embarrassing story about her future mother-in-law without realizing that the “husband producing creature” would actually be overhearing everything.  Couldn’t help it – after all she is world champion in speaking before she thinks.  Her greatest treasure in life is her feeling of absolute freedom. Jackie wants to stand out until she does – then it makes her anxious. Luckily for her he will always be there, reinsuring her she’s doing a great job. Wearing pants is not an obvious choice for her. It rather is an act of rebellion. The tail shows her great sense of humor and her secret desire to be a girly girl before all other things.


Hannah is a clean soul in each possible meaning of the word. She has got her act together, leaving no room for drama whatsoever.  She doesn’t get carried away by the pressure that is related to a marriage. No bridezilla risk over here ! She stays focused on the main goal of this special day; letting the whole world know she wants to spend the rest of her life with this amazing guy she’s found. She will consider him to be her rock – not knowing he finds his strength to be exactly this within this safe heaven she created herself with her unique no-nonsense personality. She  doesn’t need feathers nor gold to make people see she’s the bride. Hannah will pull it off in this modest silhouette. (Being a creation of yours truly might help her a little bit)


Some might call Grace picky – we prefer strong willed, which is definitely an asset. “Whatever”  does not strike her personality, neither does chaos or impetuous extravagance. Her knight was forced on a challenging path toward his conquest. The reward was beyond expectation; an oasis of friendship and trust hiding the most delicious forbidden fruits. This dress emphasizes her eagerness for controlled complexity. Everything this dress stands for originates from the heart of the design, you’ll need to have a second glance in order to fully comprehend.