Royal Misfits

Dresscode: Royal Misfits

This collection is a tribute to three of our Belgian queens. Apart from all political opinions – we prefer to ignore politics completely – we truly adore all princesses. When you’re getting too old to have your mother reading you bedtime stories , they are there to keep us believe in fairy tales. The Belgian monarchy definitely has a rebellious side topped with loads of class. In all fairness they have the support of some top designers and fabulous Belgian labels.


Mathilde came into picture as the fiancée of the somewhat timid and even clumsy prince Filip. And what a transformation she had in store for both of them.  This silhouette dares to make a difference without being over the top extravagant. The long jacket allows her to make a great, royal entrance. Losing the jacket, a confident women stands up showing a  discrete kind of audacity.  Although she’s sweet like a muffin and she has the most caring arms, there’s something about her that makes you want to keep her anything but happy.


Being Italian she spices things up. Her beauty was and is quite remarkable, as is her love story with King Albert. This dress screams sophistication and style. The jacket brings a little drama to the table and makes sure she’ll stay in style no matter what will be the circumstances. The length of the dress reveals her natural talent for timeless elegance.  She will  fly like a butterfly through her day and orchestrate the classy event without any effort, giving every guest the most welcoming feeling possible.  If what we heard through the grapevine is true she will not fail to sting like a honeybee before morning rises.


Fabiola was well known for her devotion to her royal task and her marriage. The dramatic tail accentuates the dignity with which she honored her crown. The cut of the dress unveils her urge to be modest in the most elegant way. Not much of a rebel at first sight, she will stand her ground and defend her ideas like a true warrior, willing to lose everything if need be  in the battles she chooses carefully. She’s kind of a reversed super hero – when the cape  is thrown off you better keep your guard up.